Extreme-T™ Hook

The device’s patented design prevents slipping, warping, and bending when attaching loads, a feature that improves safety both during load securement and during transit. In addition, the Extreme-T™ Hook stays fully engaged in the J-channel which prevents the load from shifting position mid-transit.

Deluxe All-Aluminum Tool Box

This double-door 24 x 24 x 60 with stainless steel camlock latch and hinges is long-lasting and rust resistant. Optional toolboxes available in various sizes. Call for details.

All-Aluminum Dunnage Rack

Conveniently haul your tarps, chains or other accessories. Call for details.

Stainless Steel Axle Covers

Protect your axles from damage while adding some flare to your trailer. Available with various lighting configurations.

Air Control Box

Offers visibility to the load scale without opening a box while keeping the valves safe from the elements during harsh weather conditions.