Why Extreme?

Here are some great reasons why you should choose Extreme Trailers, LLC when you purchase your next trailer.

Industry Best Tare Weight, Haul More Freight
When it comes to knowing that tare weight matters for Fleets, Trucking Companies, Owner Operators, and Drivers  - we’ve got you covered. We made it our goal to innovate Extreme Trailer’s patent-pending, platform products to significantly eliminate weight from our trailers. With an industry best tare weight reduction of 1,000 lbs. to 1,800 lbs., you can haul more freight, not more trailer weight.
Better Back Hauls, More Profit 
Hauling less weight from the trailer itself gives you the freedom to take better back hauls. We understand that better back hauls mean maximizing your trips to and from destinations that increase your efficiency and earnings. It’s our mission to help you make more profit.

Less Maintenance, Less Downtime
Increasing profits means keeping trailers on the road and working for you. Our removable front and rear access panels and separated air and electrical lines represent some ways we’ve designed our trailers for easy, speedy repair. Using the highest quality components and materials, our goal is to minimize downtime, maximize road-time and make maintenance easier. 

Our Commitment to You 
The XP and XS Platform Series trailers come with our innovative features like patent pending crossmember design, removable front and rear access panels for easy maintenance and our 35%-50% stronger decking with optional Crush Resistant Technology (CRT™) decking and more. Customers love the wide range of options they can select to best meet their application needs. 

Exceptional Quality, Outstanding Value
All Extreme Trailers are manufactured in our fully equipped facility in Northeast Ohio. Each product we manufacture is backed by our promise of unmatched service and quality and driven by an experienced, talented, and dedicated staff of industry professionals.