Experience the industry’s best in lightweight, patent-pending, crush-resistant flatbed technology. Extreme Trailers provides superior trailer weight reduction while improving strength and durability for bigger payloads, lower fuel consumption and longer tire life for overall greater profitability. When it comes to giving drivers what they need, we've got you covered.

X-Force hauling 50,000lb coil. Dual Wheel Sliding Axle. Extreme T™ Load Securement. Aluminum Flatbed Trailers Signature Landing Gear Brackets Signature Landing Gear Brackets Dunnage Rack Removable Bumper Rear Electrical Access Panel Crush Resistant (CRT) Decking Standard J Hook Load Securement Easy Access Trailer Air and Trailer Electric Load Securement. Flatbed Trailers in 45', 48' and 53' Sliding Rear Axle Side Rail Spools and Pockets Ultra Lightweight Flatbed Trailers

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Our lightweight, ultra-strong, patent-pending trailer design provides you with unmatched performance that pays dividends for years. The sliding axle and low deck height give you flexibility to meet your needs when hauling taller loads and more. Reduced weight of this product means lower fuel consumption and less wear on tires.

  • Lengths up to 53ft, 96” and 102” widths
  • Concentrated load Rating from 55k to 75k in 4’ area
  • Low Deck height
  • Patented Decking 35% to 50% stronger with “CRT” (Crush Resistant Technology)
  • Industry best 7200lb Tare Weight (1600lbs lighter than others)
  • Sliding axles for all applications

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Our multi-axle and b-train configurations provide drivers with the durable trailers they need to handle extremely heavy loads like coils, block, stone or other heavy materials. You can depend on Extreme Trailers for the flexibility and confidence you demand for outstanding performance.

  • 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 axle configurations
  • SPIF configurations for operations in Canada/Michigan
  • Standard and Heavy haul applications

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Extreme’s versatile drop deck trailers are constructed for loads that require a drop in trailer height below the level of standard flatbed trailers. Designed to handle taller loads such as equipment housings or assemblies, you’ll experience maximum payload capacity and lower operating costs with long-term durability.

  • All Aluminum construction
  • 34” to 41” Deck height
  • Sliding axle configurations

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Our aluminum and steel dump trailer products provide everything you need for hauling and dumping loads including rock, sand, gravel, scrap, construction materials, and much more.

  • Frame and Frameless Designs
  • Lengths up to 42ft.
  • Smooth side/Sheet and Post
  • Aluminum and Steel Chassis
  • Multi-Axle configurations

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Our Extreme T™ multi-position load securement hook allows you to tie loads down extremely secure with straps or chains from multiple positions. The patent-pending design won't slip, warp or bend when attaching.

  • Multi-position load securement
  • Patent-pending design won't bend or warp
  • Provides flexibility in load securement
  • Swivels for ease of strap-down
  • Won't slip or shift position